Praise & Worship Series

Praise & Worship

Let Faith Arise

Let Faith Arise
  • Nothing Is Impossible Stream of Praise
    Nothing Is Impossible

    Mountains and hills can move at the smallest seed of faith.
    Through the trials and hardships, I can trust in His way.
    God hears my every word, when I pray in faith.
    I will shout it out, I'm not afraid.

    In You, there is nothing impossible.
    Even when I am weak, You never let me go.
    All Your promises, promises, I can’t count them all.
    Every promise is yes and amen.

  • The Battle Belongs To You Stream of Praise
    The Battle Belongs To You

    Though my eyes cannot see, angels, they're surrounding me.
    I know, You will always make a way for us.
    Worship, shout in victory. You're still working miracles.
    I know, in the battle, You are here with us.

    As we lift our voice and sing, enemies will flee.
    As we lift our hands in praise, Your mighty power will arise.

    The battle all belongs to You.
    The victory belongs to You.
    You will rise, make a way. Angels come and surround.
    When we praise, the darkness flees.

    The battle all belongs to You.
    The victory belongs to You.
    Lord, our God, You have won, and my faith will arise.
    Raise a flag of victory.

  • You Are Our God Stream of Praise
    You Are Our God

    The heavens declare Your glory.
    The skies proclaim, the work of Your hands.
    With open hands, You satisfy us.
    All will confess, You're the almighty God.

    You are our God, seated on the throne,
    robed in glory, and pow'r. We worship You.
    Almighty God, we exalt Your name.
    All the honor, and pow'r, and praise belongs to You.

    When You spoke, it came to be. By Your word, You breathed new life.
    All creatures sing hallelujah. Holy, holy, holy!

  • Glory, Glory, Glory Stream of Praise
    Glory, Glory, Glory

    Your people worship You as one,
    our God, who sits upon the throne.
    Your church will sing Your praise in unity.
    Lifting Your holy name.

    Your people worship You with joy.
    Lord, Your name is oh so wonderful.
    Your church will always sing Your praises.
    Trust You, evermore.

    Sing glory, glory, glory to You,
    who was and is to come.
    Sing glory, glory, glory to You.
    The holy and exalted one, we praise Your holy name.

    We will trust in You, our God, for Your mercy never fails.
    Be exalted in Your strength.
    We will trust in You, our God, singing of Your mighty pow'r.
    You will be enthroned forevermore.

  • Let Faith Arise In Our Praises Stream of Praise
    Let Faith Arise In Our Praises

    With my lips, I'll sing Your praises.
    With my hands, I'll lift up Your name.
    For Your promises raise up my faith.
    In my troubled times, Your miracles come.

    In our praise, faith is ever rising.
    Through our tears, we choose to sing our song.
    You are faithful until the end,
    and Your promises never fail.

    In our praise, faith is ever rising.
    We will sing the anthem of our faith.
    Even when we are lost, or discouraged.
    Your word is a light, guiding our way.

    Great is Thy faithfulness. Great is Thy faithfulness.
    Morning by morning, new mercies I see.
    All I have needed, Thy hand hath provided.
    Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me.

    Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen

  • My Strength In The Wilderness Stream of Praise
    My Strength In The Wilderness

    Father, how You love me.
    When I'm in despair, I know You are working.
    You pulled me out of the darkest place.
    And You chased my heart, until You set me free.

    Oh Father, You're my strength in the wilderness.
    Light in the darkness, and a lamp unto my feet.
    When I cry out to You, You will rescue me.
    Faithful Father, I will trust in You.

    Abba, You call me a child of God.
    You taught me, how to fight with authority.
    Abba, You are smiling upon me.
    No longer cursed, I'm Your blessed child.

  • Deeply, I Worship Stream of Praise
    Deeply, I Worship

    You have been knocking on my heart.
    Longing to love me and abide with me.
    The more that I seek, the more that I love You, Jesus.
    You satisfy my soul.

    Deeply, I worship. Deeply, I give You all my love.
    I just want to spend my life on loving You, oh Lord.
    Deeply, I worship. Deeply, I yearn for You alone.
    Draw me closer, in Your presence, let me feel Your heart.

    My heart is crying, Jesus I love You.
    My hands are lifted, reaching out for You.
    Oh, my Jesus. My redeemer, gave Your life for me.
    I desire to see Your face.

  • I Live My Life To Love You Stream of Praise
    I Live My Life To Love You

    I offer all my life, come and fill me.

    I give You all my heart, come and touch me.
Each night and day, I cry for You, Lord Jesus.
    I would lay down all I have to follow You.

    With all my heart, with all that's within me,
I will worship, for You deserve my heart. I live my life to love You more.
With all my heart, with all my mind and strength,
I will love You, with every bit of me. You called my life to love You.

  • The Love Of My Life Stream of Praise
    The Love Of My Life

    I see a rainbow in my heart.
    It paints a picture of Your love for me.
    When I look up above, I'm reminded of Your love.
    I know Your promises will never change.

    Your love will always follow me.
    Because I know You'll never leave me.
    I'll never be alone, You'll never let me go.
    Each step I take, I'm walking in Your grace.

    Father, You love me. And I am Your love.
    I know that You hear me when I call, hold me in Your arms.
    Father, I love You, the love of my life.
    In You, I have nothing to hide. Draw me to Your side.

    I wanna know You. Listen to Your heart.
    So draw me closer. Draw me close to You.
    I wanna love You. Listen to Your heart.
    Hold me in Your arms. Draw me close to You.

  • It's You, Jesus Stream of Praise
    It's You, Jesus

    In the dark, I saw a ray of light. In the mist, I saw a living hope,
    Jesus. It's You, Jesus.
    You gave me the courage to go on. You called me to never give up,
    Jesus. It's You, Jesus.

    I need You, Lord. May You reveal Your heart to me.
    I will not fear, I'm staying in Your loving embrace.

    Through the wind and rain, You have held my hand.
    For I know, You'll stay with me until the end.
    Even though I walk through the wilderness,
    step by step, I walk into the path of grace.

    How can I forget? It was You, Jesus.
    You're the one who always stood by me through it all.
    Everything will fade, Your love will never change.
    I just want to live in You for all my days.
    I will always keep Your word inside my heart.

  • My Heart's Steadfast On You Stream of Praise
    My Heart's Steadfast On You

    Beautiful One, Jesus Christ, anointed Son.
    Laid down His life, crucified, He died for me.

    It's Your love, Jesus, flowing through me.
    You give me the courage to go on.
    It's Your love, Jesus, giving me strength.
    In the dark, You make my life shine once again.

    My heart's steadfast on You. My eyes fixed unto You.
    Even in the wind and waves, I'm not afraid.
    My heart's steadfast on You. I surrender to You.
    In Your calm and peaceful presence.

  • Carry God's Glory Stream of Praise
    Carry God's Glory

    The Spirit of the Lord is on my life.
    It calls me to proclaim Good News to the world.

    To heal all sicknesses and the broken-hearted.

    The year of Jubilee is coming soon.

    All my life, I will carry God's glory.
    All my life, I will carry authority.
    I will rise up for His glory, let it shine on us.
    I will be the salt and light. Bring hope into the world.

    Slaves will be released. Prisoners, all set free.
    In the name of Jesus, miracles will come!
The lame will walk again. The blind will finally see. 
Jesus Christ is here, let His kingdom come!

  • A Purified Life Stream of Praise
    A Purified Life

    Sometimes I'm weak, heavy-laden.
    Jesus, You take all my burdens.
    You go with me through the weary roads.
    And I know You turn sorrow into joy.

    So, once again, I surrender all.
    I will rely on Your strength alone.
    I give You control, give my life to You.
    I will trust You, and You will lead me through.

    In trials and storms, Lord, You are my strength.
    When the light is gone, You shine in my life.
    Though the darkness runs long, You are my hope.
    I can only lift my hands to bring You praise.

    When I am lost, You're guiding my way.
    When I'm in despair, You're there by my side.
    Though the trials may come, You make me strong.
    Purify my heart, Lord. May You be glorified.

  • Holy And Glorious Stream of Praise
    Holy And Glorious

    Glory, oh glory!
    Waiting for glory to come.
    Bow down, and laying down my crowns.
    Worship from the depths of my heart.

    Holy, oh holy!
    Longing for Your holiness.
    Spirit, come fall afresh on us.
    We were made to worship You, Lord.

    Holy and glorious.
    Offering all, to the lamb on the throne.
    All praise and honor,
    be unto You, our mighty king.

    Glory unto You, power unto You.
    Jesus, Your name, high above all other names.
    The heavens and the earth, all creations,
    will fall down and worship at Your throne.

  • Glory In The Highest Stream of Praise
    Glory In The Highest

    Majesty, oh majesty. We await Your kingdom come.
    King of glory, king of power, above all, You're beautiful.
    Jesus Christ, the son of God, all the earth bows down to You.
    Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, be enthroned forevermore.

    All glory to God, glory in the highest.
    He is the name above all names.
    The heavens declare of Your glory.
    The skies proclaim the works You've done.

    Oh glorious King, He's worthy of worship.
    With every breath, we sing His praise.
    Glory and praise, honor and powr,
    belong to You, the glorious King.

    Great and holy, awesome in power, Father, Spirit, Son.
    The One who was and is to come, let the earth sing praise.

    Knees will bow down, tongues will confess, Jesus is the Lord.
    The King of kings and Lord of lords,You will reign on high.

我全然獻上賜福在這地三一頌和散那十架的大能恢復敬拜我要看見恢復敬拜 (Reprise)是耶穌的名敬拜耶穌愛使我們勇敢 / 我們愛數不盡愛祢直到永遠高舉雙手敬拜