Tainan Praise & Worship Celebration

Sunday August 21 2022 in 台南虹韻文創中心, Tainan
Start: 7:30 PM

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    8/21 (Sun)
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1. Childcare not provided。
2. If event is canceled due to extreme weather or any unavoidable circumstances by the host, we will not contact attendees individually; please do not record, take video or photos during the event.
我全然獻上賜福在這地三一頌和散那十架的大能恢復敬拜我要看見恢復敬拜 (Reprise)是耶穌的名敬拜耶穌愛使我們勇敢 / 我們愛數不盡愛祢直到永遠高舉雙手敬拜