• 日期:
    6月30日 (星期六)
  • 時間:
  • 場地:
    Bukit Panjang Methodist Church
  • 地址:
     496 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 678091
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  • 入場:
    按此索票 – 網路登記將於6月1日正式公布,詳情請注意讚美之泉網站公布,若有疑問請電郵

  • 聯絡方式:
  • 電話:
    65 6760 1998


*註 Note:不提供孩童照顧 Childcare not provided.

门票条款 Terms & Conditions

赞美之泉 敬拜赞美节庆 – 2018年6月30日
Stream of Praise’s Praise & Worship Celebration – 30th June 2018

Terms & conditions governing the tickets

1. 卫理公会武吉班让堂保有门票最终的使用与作废的权利。
Bukit Panjang Methodist Church (“BPMC”) has the sole discretion to decide on the validity of these tickets and end-use.

2. 本门票属非卖品,不能用作任何营利或销售用途。
These tickets are issued by BPMC free of charge, hence they shall not be sold nor used for any commercial purposes.

3. 本门票只限使用于2018年6月30日赞美之泉节庆活动.
These tickets are only valid for the concert on 30th June 2018.

4. 本门票仅限于一个人使用。
Each ticket can only be used by one person.

5. 本堂属私人地方,若持票人违犯安全管理人员指示或在本场所内带来滋扰,本堂有权没收门票,并请持票人离开场地。
BPMC is a private property. In the event that the ticket-holder disobeys BPMC security staff’s instructions, or causes any disturbance at the concert, BPMC has the right to forfeit the ticket and ask the ticket-holder to leave the concert venue.

6. 为了确保您个人与他人的安全,持票入场者必须接受本堂安全检查,方能进入会场,所有未能通过安全检查者都不得进入会场。
To ensure the safety of concert-goers, all ticket-holders will be subject to BPMC’s security checks before being admitted to the concert venue. If a ticket-holder fails the security check, he/she will not be allowed into the concert venue.

7. 本堂不提供代照顾儿童服务,持票人请勿带儿童出席
BPMC does not provide childcare services, so please do not bring any children to the concert.

8. 本堂不提供车位停泊,请尽量使用公共交通工具。
As we will not be providing car park lots, please use the public transport.

9. 本票仅限十三岁以上人士使用。
The tickets are only issued to persons who are above 13 years old.

10. 如中英条件有任何冲突,以英文版本为准。
If there is any conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.