Los Angeles Worship Revival Summit

2023-03-18 Saturday in Dynamic Evangelism Church, Los Angeles
Start: 1:00 PM

  • Date:
    March 18, 2023 (Sat)
  • Time:
    1PM - 6PM
  • Venue:
    Dynamic Evangelism Church
  • Address:
    19360 Colima Rd., Rowland Heights, CA 91748
  • Registration:
    REGISTRATION FULL, walk ins not allowed
  • Fee:
    US$50 / Early Bird US$35 (Before 3/4) Special Discount:3 or More US$30/Per
  • Language:
    This conference will be conduct in Chinese
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Date: March 18 (Sat)
Time: 1PM - 6PM
Venue: Dynamic Evangelism Church


Worship team has a very important role in the church, and every worship musician, singer, leader, and lighting, sound, and multimedia team who are called to serve in worship promote the depth of worship in the church. God is calling this worship team to shine again, with a powerful voice of praise, proclamation of prayer, to lead the church, and to speak out to the world. The first ever worship revival summit hosted by Stream of Praise, we are gathering all worshipers to have breakthroughs together, experience recovery and healing together, and make a world changing worship together!

*This conference will be taught in Chinese


    • 敬拜團的信心建造
    • 敬拜的高度與深度:你的敬拜有高度和深度嗎?
    • 練團的秘訣
    • 敬拜團的合一與建立
    • 帶出神心意的敬拜和水流
    • 醫治與先知性


Rev. Sandy Yu

游智婷牧師 [Rev. Sandy Yu]是讚美之泉音樂事工創辦人,負責人,讚美之泉所有專輯製作人,及主要敬拜主領。擁有UCLA鋼琴演奏學士及USC鋼琴演奏碩士,並於2018年在Berklee College of Music 取得General Specific Studies Certificate (with special emphasis on audio mixing 混音工程)。智婷牧師擁有二十多年的豐富音樂創作及製作經驗,曾寫過兩百多首歌(如「讚美之泉」「將天敞開」「能不能」...等),製作五十餘張專輯,也曾出版兩張個人鋼琴敬拜專輯「單單愛慕祢」「能不能」。結合古典音樂的細膩與現代音樂的新穎,智婷牧師對音樂的詮釋不僅深觸人心,更跨世代地受到喜愛。她不僅帶人讚美爭戰,也帶人進入神深深的同在裡。主唱許多首讚美之泉膾炙人口歌曲,歌聲帶著極大的權柄和能力,帶人恢復盼望,得到醫治,重新得力,是位極有生命恩膏的敬拜主領

Rev. Tiffany Cheng

鄭懋柔牧師 [Rev. Tiffany M. Cheng] 是一位歌手、音樂創作人、設計人,現任於讚美之泉音樂事工的活動總策,也是讚美之泉的敬拜主領之一。對美的事物有著絕佳的洞察力的她也是位美術設計的人才。畢業於南加州大學河濱分校(UC Riverside) 工商管理學士。從小參與教會兒童詩班,在青少年和求學時期一直在教會敬拜團歌唱服事、帶領敬拜,直到2000年加入讚美之泉事工,參與錄音及帶領敬拜。自小學習鋼琴,並與讚美之泉和團隊一起教導敬拜培訓和歌手培訓課程。對於願意參與敬拜服事的敬拜歌手有極大的熱情和負擔,相信每一個敬拜歌手,都有成為敬拜主領的潛力。 Tiffany老師的歌聲裡有特別能滲透人心的誠懇和感染力 ,從細膩豐富感情的歌到.爭戰性的敬拜,因著她對神的愛慕和信心,都能唱出感動人心的旋律,留下極深的印象。

Pastor Andy Chen

陳麒安傳道 [Pastor Andy Chen] 畢業於加州大學爾灣分校,主修中提琴,擁有音樂學士並獲得全額獎學金。畢業後至今於讚美之泉服事,擔任吉他手、小提琴手、中提琴手、以及所有與影像相關的製作。從學校的搖滾樂團到在教會的敬拜團,Andy老師擁有20多年彈吉他和電吉他的經驗。在個人安靜敬拜、作曲、以及敬拜時刻,吉他在他的生活中都是不可或缺的角色。Andy老師在美國加州天普市的以馬內利宣聖會擔任傳道,過去十多年來帶領會眾敬拜。Andy老師所彈奏出的音樂富有感情,充滿創意性和恩膏,在即興彈奏方面也非常拿手。有著豐富的教學經驗,Andy老師認為每種樂器都是可以駕馭並成敬拜生活的一部分。只需要耐心、指導以及努力,學習樂器不再是夢想!


US$50 / Early Bird US$35 (Before 3/4)  Special Discount:3 or More US$30/Per

Refund & Terms

1. Participants must be 14 years or older, and trainees under 18 years of age must have a guardian's consent to participate in this training session.
2. Walk-in registration is not allowed.
3. No childcare is provided at the conference, only registered participants may be allowed at conference site.
4.We require a written notice to be emailed to [email protected] in advance of a planned withdrawal. Fees are only refundable before 3/11/2023 (10pm). Refunds are subject to a 20% processing fee.
5. Stream of Praise Music Ministries is not responsible and refund for any cancellations due to natural and unavoidable disasters or bad weather, Stream of Praise reserves the right to make the final decision.
6. All the latest news of the event will be notified by email. We will not be notified individually by phone.
7. The registration confirmation email is the only receipt provided by Stream of Praise. No other forms of receipt will be issued.
8. Tax ID number cannot be changed or or reissued late.
9. In the event of any dispute, Stream of Praise reserves the right to make the final decision.


Venue: Dynamic Evangelism Church
Address: 19360 Colima Rd., Rowland Heights, CA 91748 

我全然獻上賜福在這地三一頌和散那十架的大能恢復敬拜我要看見恢復敬拜 (Reprise)是耶穌的名敬拜耶穌愛使我們勇敢 / 我們愛數不盡愛祢直到永遠高舉雙手敬拜