2019 Kaohsiung Children Creative Worship Conference

  • DATE:
    7/9 – 7/12
  • TIME:
    9am – 3pm
  • VENUE:
    No. 157 Wenchuan Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City
    First grade primary school (* second grader in September this year) to fifth grade (* sixth grader in September this year)
  • FEE:
    NT$3500 (Before 6/1) /NT$4000 (6/1 or after)

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    1. If you are unable to participate due to special reasons, you must email or write in advance before 6/25. SOP will contact the parents directly and refund the fee after deducting 10% of the handling fee. SOP will not refund any registration fee on 6/25 or later. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    2. If it is stopped due to natural disasters [example: typhoon, earthquake, fire, flood or epidemic situation, etc.], SOP will cancel the event and will not refund any registration fee.
    3. SOP reserves the right to cancel or postpone.
    4. If you have any further questions or needs, please email us twkids@sop.org.